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Hire a limo to get you on the train to Paris on time and in style.

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Many people visit our shores every year with the express intention of catching a train from one country to another, underwater! Well if you live in Kent, you don't have to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy this unique experience as the Eurostar train travels to and from Paris, under the English Channel and leaves from Waterloo Station in London.

Of course you can come from anywhere in the UK to catch the Chunnel train but if you live in Canterbury you are not far from the Folkestone entrance to the tunnel and the Ashford station which is the last stop before the Eurostar leaves England.

Coming from Maidstone, or Dartford, just outside London to secure your spot on the under water trip, you may choose to hire a limo for a train transfer. Hiring a limo to get you to Waterloo Station in London, or the Ashford Station in Kent, means that you can arrive and board in style and comfort without having to worry about anything.

Your limousine chauffeur will help you with your luggage if you are staying overnight in Paris, as soon as you are picked up from your door in Canterbury, Maidstone or Dartford. Your limousine chauffeur will then use all of their local knowledge and driving skills to ensure you arrive at the station on time with plenty of time to board and be seated before you head to France.

The Eurostar comes out in France in Calais and then makes its way into Paris where you can stock up croissants and fabulous shoes before you head to your hotel for a short stay or make your way back tot the Paris train station for the two and a half hour return trip.

Regardless of how long you stay in Paris and France, you can organise for your limousine and chauffeur to meet you at the station when you arrive back in the UK. If you have taken advantage of the designer stores in Paris, you will especially appreciate the extra help with your bags the chauffeur can offer.

For more information about hiring a limousine train station transfer for an international rail ride, contact Limo Broker now.

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    Hire a limo to get you on the train to Paris on time and in style.

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