History of Limousines...

Welcome to our limousine history section. Although we specialise in limo rental, we still like to keep our readers updated with details about the industry and the history about our business.

We have added articles below which will help you find all the useful information about limousines around the world and their history. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please visit our comprehensive limo information section which will guide you through our site.

  • 1920s Limos - By the 1920's, the automobile and the most luxurious of all, the limousine was asserting its..
  • 1940s Limos - In the 1940s, everyone noticed limousines on their streets and who was riding in them. A historian f..
  • 1970s Limos - The limousines of the 1970s were radically in line with the unique business ideas of..
  • 1980s Limos - Limousines in the 1980s were used for young professionals out on the town and it was either a big fl..