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Always Shiny

Have you ever wondered how limousine chauffeurs keep their limos so shiny?

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Always Shiny

Part of what attracts us all to limousines is the shiny, eye-catching finish on these stylish cars. We all know from washing our own cars that if you wanted your car to be perfectly shiny and spot free, you would have to wash and polish it every time you drove it. This is especially true for cars and limousines in dark colours. While blue and black cars and limousines look beautiful when they clean, they are the hardest colour to keep clean.

So how do the dark limousines always look so shiny and sparkling? Chauffeurs do spend a lot of time taking care of their limousines. They are washed before and after picking up their passengers and usually polished around twice a week.

However, there is still the road grime which gets kicked up as soon as the car starts up so the limousine needs to be polished in between trips with more than one drop off. There are dusters which the chauffeurs use for these times as they remove the dust quickly and easily making it a more practical option when the limo is out on the road.

The way the car is washed is also important as if there is any water left on the limo when it goes out this will attract dust and dirt. Also, deionized water will leave a spot free finish. Deionized water is usually available for delivery, or the limo hire companies have a deionizer installed on site.

While nothing looks more stylish or classy than a sleek black limousine, there is a lot of work which goes into keeping it that way. It is good to know that even though black limousines tend to be more work, the limo hire companies are willing to put the extra effort in to ensure you have the limousine you have been dreaming of.

For more information about hiring a flawlessly sleek black limousine for your next special event, contact Limo Broker now.

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    Have you ever wondered how limousine chauffeurs keep their limos so shiny?

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