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Hold Service

We have all sat on the phone and rolled our eyes, huffed and exclaimed over the time as we sat and listened to the repetitive hold message of a bank or government department. However, as much as everyone hates being put on hold, there are going to be times when you have to use the dirty ‘h' word with your limo hire customers.

You may have to check on a price, check the availability of your limos or chauffeurs, go out to the garage and check on the specifics of one of your limos, or you may just be so overrun at your front desk that you have to put any incoming calls directly on hold. So while you hopefully won't leave your limousine passengers on hold as long as a bank would, assuring them their call is important and that you are experiencing an unusually high call rate at the moment, sometimes it is easier to put your limo passenger on hold than hang up, check on their question and call them back.

Of course as with any part of business, there are hundreds of different technology options and ways to make being on hold easier and quicker for your limo passengers. To give your customers a better service, and make it easier for your administration staff to deal with customer enquiries quickly and promptly pass their call on to where they can have their question answered you can utilise the standard hold options which came with your phone system of you can opt for a bigger and better system.

However, the type of hold service you are able to offer your limo hire passengers can also depend on the size of your business and if you are starting out and only have one or two extensions, you may not have the same phone systems options as a limo hire company with 20 extensions. Just putting a little thought into how you treat your customers while they are on hold can be the difference between them becoming aggravated, and them taking notes about what they are hearing in your hold messages.

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as much as everyone hates being put on hold, there are going to be times when you have to use the dirty H word with your limo hire customers