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Cultural Variety of London

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Cultural Variety of London

Limo hire is not just for parties and wedding, it can easily and relatively cheaply enhance a simply UK holiday into an extra special escape. For example, if you are spending the weekend in a London hotel just to get away for a while, hiring a limousine to get you from your house to the hotel and back again will change an ordinary stay in a hotel into a romantic and luxurious retreat.

To ensure your romantic retreat does not fizzle out once you get to the hotel, check out The Montcalm Hotel Nikko. The Montcalm is a small and secluded hotel hidden in the heart of London which will not only offer you personalised and intuitive service, you will also be able to experience a mix of English afternoon tea, European cuisine and the surrounding attractions of the London Museum where you will visit cultures from around the world, as well as check out world-class designers at the Hyde Park, Marble Arch and Oxford Street shopping districts.

The Montcalm is named after the 18th century general Marquis de Montcalm who was famous for his dignity and style. These two characteristics are embodied in every part of the hotel from the discreet Georgian fa�ade to the myriad of modern conveniences and furnishings.

The rooms of the Montcalm continue the feeling of style as well as comfort with all of the services you would expect from a modern London hotel, coupled with marble bathrooms with power showers.

Once you are settled into your rooms, you will feel compelled to visit the elegant Crescent Restaurant which has a light and airy feel born from its tall windows coupled with the large Arcadian mural of a formal English garden. Or for a more informal pick-me-up, you can enjoy afternoon tea at the wood panelled bar in front of the cosy fireplace.

When you have made the most of your London escape, your limousine will be ready and waiting to take you home again where you can slip back into your everyday life, rested and refreshed.

For more information about limo hire for a London holiday, contact Limo Broker now.

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