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Limo Terror

A terrorist plot is uncovered in the UK involving the planting of bombs in three limos

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Limo Terror

limousines popular with the rich, famous and powerful around the world and they attract many more who simply want to gawk, so perhaps this is the reason three limousines were recently involved in a terrorist plot.

Dhiren Barot is a Muslim who has been living in Britain and has plotted a wave of terror bombs in both the UK and the US. He admitted in court earlier this month that he had been planning to explode a bomb which could have killed up to 500 people.

Barot also admitted to plotting attacks using three limousines packed with gas cylinders which he planned to have driven to an underground car park and then detonated. He also admitted to planning future attacks on targets in the US, including the New York Stock Exchange, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Head Quarters in Washington.

No further UK targets were discovered during the court proceedings and Barot pleaded guilty to only a single charge of conspiracy to murder. The other charges and plots will be left on file for later revision.

The aim of these attacks planned by Barot was to simply cause explosions with no warning, to kill as many innocent and unsuspecting people as possible. The Gas Limo Project, as Barot described the plan, was apparently the main cornerstone of a series of attacks planned for the UK. The Gas Limo Project was to be followed by three other projects all designed to cause death, destruction and chaos.

The sentence for Barot is pending as are the trials for seven others who were also involved. This narrowly averted attack is a timely reminder that terror has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and we are relying on the government and officials to keep us safe.

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    A terrorist plot is uncovered in the UK involving the planting of bombs in three limos

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