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Limousines are not only a great way to get to your next party or function; they are also a great collector's item. There are very rarely two limousines which are exactly the same, as limousines are often built for the rich and famous to have every extra luxury you can think of, as well as some you never would have thought of!

Therefore there are many limousine clubs with members who are passionate about keeping their piece of history in top condition and getting together with others who have the same passion.

This is why the Classic Hearse Register hearse and limousine club was first started in 1993. The club was started by Dave Salmon who wanted to record as much information as possible about hearses dated before the 1980s. It turned out there was a group of hearse enthusiasts who just needed a leader and the club quickly grew to include hearses from any era as well as classic and modern limousines.

Through the club an extensive database has been created about the hearses and limousines still running (or not) around the UK with membership growing and the club reaching around the world.

Member vehicles include first call/service cars, flower cars, American Ambulances and horse drawn vehicles, from every era style and age. The club also organises to attend classic car shows, cemetery open days, Halloween events and any other events their members can find to do with hearses or limousines. For more information check out the Classic Hearse Register Club website.

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