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Lincoln Release New Towncar Model

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New Lincoln Towncar Release...

While there are more and more outrageous limousines coming onto the market everyday, the classic, understated and stylish limousines are still lasting the test of time.

This is demonstrated in the fact that the Ford Motor Company announced plans last month to continue production of their Lincoln Town Car. The Lincoln Towncar is one of the more traditional and sleek limousines in the Lincoln range. It can seat up to 14 people and is made with luxury at the top of the list. The Town Car has a full sound system including a CD player, DVD player, flat panel TV, fibre optic and laser lighting, touch panel controls, leather seats and a mirrored ceiling.

However, it is the inspired extras which make a limousine something special. For example, the Lincoln Town Car is also made as a full steel extension for your safety, front and rear suspension, overhead command centre controls, full sized rear window, double illuminated vanity mirrors, rubbish chute, complete insulation, AM/FM radio, hands-free intercom, reading lights, halo lights, dome lights, floor lights and plush overlay carpet.

All of these intuitive features make the Lincoln Town car the perfect choice for any stylish arrival as the look and feel of the Lincoln Town Car embodies everything that inspires and ignites people's imagination when it comes to limousines.

In continuing the production of the Lincoln Town Car, Ford are reaffirming their commitment to remaining the market leader in the limousine industry. The Lincoln range, and especially the Town Cars, are recognised for their high degree of quality, reliability and durability which makes them an obvious choice for limousine passengers and limo hire companies.

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