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The New Lexus GS450 Hybrid

The New Lexus GS 450 Hybrid Limo...

Earlier this year, Lexus released their newest luxury car, the GS 450 Hybrid limousine. While the new Lexus is stylish, comfortable and fully equipped, it is also good for the environment, with the ability to run solely on electricity at certain speeds.

The new Lexus limousine is also full of clever features to ensure passenger safety, comfort and service, as well as a stylish exterior to create the appropriate entrance no matter what the occasion.

While the hybrid Lexus has retained the popular sleek lines of the previous GS 430 model, the GS 450 also has slingshot shaped windows, a wider rear tread and a longer wheelbase. This new design makes the Lexus limousine appear closer to the ground that it actually is making this luxury car appear sporty too.

The Lexus limousine can be opened and started by SmartAccess which transmits a signal to the car so that the key doesn't even have to leave your pocket or bag. The limousine also assists you with eight sensors around the exterior of the car to help with parking.

Also adding to the sporty fun look of the Lexus limousine is the exclusive alloy wheel design. While physically appearing sportier, the new alloys are also made of lightweight materials and coupled with performance tyres to ensure quicker steering and better handling.

The lighting of the limousine is also intuitive as it will direct the beams of the headlights around corners if you are turning, as well as being powered by High-Intensity Discharge headlamps which provide more light than a conventional headlight but use much less power.

Also, to let the outside into the limousine, Lexus have also added a powered moonroof which can tilt and slide to allow as much or as little light and air into the vehicle.

The new Lexus GS 450 Hybrid limousine not only looks after the environment by using energy efficient features and running components, it also looks after its passengers with the traditionally high levels of comfort and style expected from all of the Lexus range.

For more information about the Lexus limousines available in your area, please contact our sales office.

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