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Welcome to our traditional wedding information page. Here you will find details about traditional weddings which will help you follow your routes. We also have added other wedding related links to help you organise your special day without any unanswered questions. So whether you are having a modern wedding or a traditional wedding, you will find the information below very useful. Please take a few minutes to read through the articles and feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.

While many couples accept some wedding traditions without a second thought, there are some which make you wonder about their origins, so here are the origins of some well known wedding traditions so you can decide for yourself whether you want to keep to tradition or start your own.

The bridal shower was traditionally a time to shower the bride with gifts, attention and love before the chaos of her wedding day. Modern bridal showers now incorporate the groom as well to allow the couple some more personal time with their close friends and family before the wedding day.

However, the first bridal shower is said to have been held when a rich young woman wanted to marry a poor man. Her father disapproved and refused to provide any financial support. Out of pity, their friends got together and bought the couple the things they would need to furnish their new home, effectively 'showering' them with gifts.

In the times of ancient marriages, the man would break a coin and give half to his fianc�e and keep half himself, representing the fact that he would return to his bride-to-be to make the broken coin whole. In the Middle Ages, the tradition was carried on, breaking rings instead of coins. The woman would often wear her broken half of the ring on a chain around her neck to show that she was to be married. Over time the tradition evolved to be two rings instead of one broken one, the engagement ring and the wedding ring. In the beginning the rings were simple bands of gold with romantic messages engraved on the inside.

It was the Italians who first used the beauty and brilliance of the diamond in their engagement rings to symbolise the beauty and strength of love. It was originally thought that using a diamond in the ring would bring bad luck to the couple because it interrupted the perfect circle of the ring, symbolising unending love. However, the diamond engagement ring was made popular in the 15th Century when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave one to his fianc�e Mary of Burgundy.

Wearing the wedding and engagement rings on the third finger of the left hand originated from the Greek belief that a nerve ran directly from that finger to the heart, giving the groom a ring around his bride's heart. It may also be because the right hand signifies power and so wearing her ring on her left hand shows a bride's subjugation to her groom. A more logical explanation is that the third finger cannot be straightened without straightening all of the others, so making the ring safe on that finger.

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