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Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Wedding photos are one of the most important parts of your big day, because if they are done right, they will live on as a shining reminder of your wedding long after the tan from your honeymoon has faded. Also it's one of the best things to show your children and family/friends in the future.

First of all it is important to know what style you are after. Many photographers provide a mix of formal and informal photographs, from the groom tying up his shoelaces to a shot of the whole bridal party. Look at as many styles as you can, study pictures of your friends' weddings and work out what you like.

Once you know what you want, you simply need to match it up to a photographer with wedding experience and good references. You also need to get along with your photographer as you will spend a lot of time working together, on the day and afterwards, picking shots you want to keep.

You also need to be clear about what you will get for your money. Be prepared to fork over quite a bit of your wedding budget as good photographers won't be cheap. However, find out how many copies of each picture you will get, what size they will be, will they be colour/black and white and do you get an electronic copy of the pictures?

Make sure you have a plan for the big day and listen to the photographer's advice; they do this all the time and know what works and what looks good. Before the wedding, visit the site of the photographs with the photographer and show them the shots you would like and listen to any suggestions. Don't be shy to make suggestions on the day either, you only get one chance.

To make sure you are all at your best in the photos make sure you are comfortable with the photographer, with your outfits and haven't overdone it at the bar. Also, good makeup will make a difference in the photos and make sure you are able to touch it up during the day.

So, with the right planning and preparations, you should have an album of beautiful photographs to help you remember a very special day.

We hope this article was useful. For more wedding, hen night and other party information, please visit our article homepage. Here, you will find almost everything you need to organise a wedding. It also has information about hen ideas, wedding ideas and much more.

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