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There will be so many guests and so much happening on your wedding day that you are bound to miss some memorable moments. This is why you may want to have a wedding video made of your special day.

A wedding video can catch the sights and sounds of your wedding day and allow you to relive the day again for years to come. But how do you find a videographer as committed to capturing the essence of your wedding as you are?

Firstly you should consider the same things you did when choosing your wedding photographer - experience, personality, past work and equipment. However there are several additional things to consider.

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You will need to choose the style of the video - either documentary style showing events in a chronological order, memorial style with guests saying a few words to the camera for you, or it can be a fast paced recording of the events of the day with an upbeat background soundtrack. The camera can either be tripod mounted to show a snapshot of the movement happening or be hand held to get closer to the action and provide a more intimate feel. Therefore when choosing a videographer, choose one who is comfortable with the style you want, not one who may not ever have done what you are asking for.

When considering their equipment don't just ask about their camera, but their editing equipment too. As with any movie, you don't notice special effects or editing techniques until they are done poorly, the same goes for your wedding videographer. Pay close attention to their previous work and make sure you are 100% happy with it. Also bigger studios will have more and better equipment.

When making your final decision, look at videographers who have obviously made a commitment to the genre of wedding videos by advertising in bridal magazines and shows. Experience is also very important, not just filming experience but actual wedding video experience.

To compare prices you must compare the packages being offered. You can do this by ringing up or visiting the company's website. From calling around you will get a feel for the companies you feel comfortable with and you should then be able to arrange a free viewing.

When narrowing down your options, don't visit too many videographers as you will forget which is which and it will be a waste of time. Remember first impressions are good indicators and if they are willing to listen to what you want and work hard to achieve it, they are probably a good choice.

Remember to think about your wedding theme and stress this to the videographer which will help them understand what you require. This will also help them add the right beginning and ending to the video.

We hope you found this information useful. Please feel free to send us your feedback by e-mail.

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