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Why is Limo Hire for Proms More Expensive

Article which explains why school prom parties pay more for limousine rental compared to any other event/hire.

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Why is Limousine Hire for Proms More Expensive...

Welcome to Limo Broker. Your local limo hire company. Over the past few months, we have had 100's of calls from students and prom parties to query why limos for prom season is more expensive when compared to other events. This page will explain why limo hire for prom days is more expensive. Please take a few minutes to read through this article.

Limo hire for proms tend to be more expensive because everyone wants to hire a limo all at the same time.... Most proms are set at the same sort of time (around 7:30pm) which means that you would need to start the hire at or around 6:30pm. As you can imagine, everyone wants to get there at the same time which means that the limo can only do one job that very night. Most limousine companies only have a fleet of one or two cars which means they can only do one job per night.

Due to this issue, you will find that prices tend to be higher for prom and ball parties. If schools can think about the timing and dates and perhaps move times around, this will save customers a lot of money. Proms are getting highly popular, and people are understanding that the limo issue is becoming a problem in terms of price and availability.

The same problem means that there will be a shortage of limos in the area. Again, this is all down to the prom being organised for the same times.

In 2006, Manchester, Lancashire, Birmingham, West Midlands, Leeds & West Yorkshire was fully booked by January. 95% of the bookings were for May, June & July '06. Here at Limo Broker, we had to route cars from all over the country to help our customers reach their prom in style. Being a national operator made it easier for our customers to secure limos but what happened the customers do who couldn't get availability? It's quite disappointing because prom nights only come once in a life time.

If you had this problem or know someone who was let down due to any problems, please e-mail us and we will announce it on our website(s).

Proms vs birthday parties:

When organising a birthday party, we find that customers are quite flexible on the time where as the prom parties are set on a time in which they cannot be early or late. Again, this is the reason for the extra premium.

If you have any more questions relating proms, feel free to contact us.

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    Article which explains why school prom parties pay more for limousine rental compared to any other event/hire.

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