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Hummer Limousine Hire. Find the best Hummer limos in your local area. Available in pink, white, black and many more colours and styles.

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Hummer Limos for hire in Pink, White, Black

Welcome to the UK's leading provider of Hummer limo hire. We boast the largest fleet of Hummer limos in the whole of the country so whatever size, style, or colour hummer you may be searching for to celebrate your special occasion in style, you're bound to find it amongst our extensive range.

The Hummer limousine is an undeniably impressive vehicle which never fails to turn heads wherever it goes. Popular for all kinds of occasions including stag and hen dos, birthday parties, sporting trips, shopping days, school proms, corporate events, and even weddings, the Hummer limo is a versatile vehicle.

Pink Hummer Limo - 8 Wheeler Hummer H2 Limo - View all Hummers (Images & Videos)

Not surprisingly the hummer is a favourite with celebrities and over the years has evolved so as to offer the very latest gadgets to keep even the most demanding of stars entertained. However you don't have to be rich and famous to afford hummer limo hire when you book with us as we offer the very lowest rates in the UK.

Using our unique brokerage system, we are able to compare the prices across a whole range of different hummer limo hire companies in your area until we find you the very lowest rate. So instead of wasting hours of your time trawling through stacks of different limo operators comparing quotes, call us and we'll do all the legwork on your behalf; it's never been easier to get a discounted deal on Hummer limo hire.

All of our hummer limos are top-of-the-range and offer a whole host of exciting onboard features. Our deluxe hummers really are something else. Take a look inside and you'll find everything you cold possibly need to have a memorable trip. There's a neon lighted dance floor, a state of the art entertainment system including plasma screens with DVD player, plus a karaoke with in-built smoke machine so you can have your own Stars in Their Eyes moment, and of course, there's a fully stocked champagne bar for your enjoyment.

As specialists in the provision of chauffeur driven hummer limo hire, you'll be in very capable hands when you make a booking with us. We have years of experience in the luxury transport industry and a proven track record so you'll receive a competent and professional service for your special occasion.

Each of our hummer limos is driven a friendly, suited chauffeur who will take care of the finer details of your journey. If you require hummer limo hire for a school prom, for example, our dedicated chauffeurs will stay with the party until the whole group is safely inside the venue. This is just one of the ways in which we aim to offer a personalised service taking into consideration the specific needs of our customers.

Browse our extensive image gallery now and feast your eyes on the stunning hummer limos we have available for hire throughout the UK. For a free hummer limo hire quote, contact us by completing the online form, or calling the number provided.

We offer stretched Hummer H2 & H3 limo hire deals in all areas of UK including (AB) Aberdeen, (AL) St Albans, (B) Birmingham, (BA) Bath, (BB) Blackburn, (BD) Bradford, (BH) Bournemouth, (BL) Bolton, Bridgend, (BN) Brighton, (BR) Bromley, (BS) Bristol, (BT) Belfast, (CA) Carlisle, (CB) Cambridge, (CF) Cardiff, (CH) Chester, (CM) Chelmsford, (CO) Colchester, (CR) Croydon, (CT) Canterbury, (CV) Coventry, (CW) Crewe, (DA) Dartford, (DD) Dundee, (DE) Derby, (DG) Dumfries, (DH) Durham, (DL) Darlington, (DN) Doncaster, (DT) Dorchester, Dublin, (DY) Dudley, (E) East London, (EC) East Central London, (EH) Edinburgh, (EN) Enfield, (EX) Exeter, (FK) Falkirk, (FY) Blackpool, (G) Glasgow, (GL) Gloucester, (GU) Guildford, (HA) Harrow, (HD) Huddersfield, (HG) Harrogate, (HP) Hemel Hempstead, (HR) Hereford, (HS) Hebrides, (HU) Hull, (HX) Halifax, (IG) Ilford, (IP) Ipswich, (IV) Inverness, (KA) Ayr, Kilmarnock, (KT) Kingston, (KW) Kirkwall, (KY) Kirkcaldy, (L) Liverpool, (LA) Lancaster, (LD) Llandrindod Wells, (LE) Leicester, (LL) Llandudno Wells, Brecon, Powys, (LN) Lincoln, (LS) Leeds, (LU) Luton, (M) Manchester, (ME) Medway/Maidstone, (MK) Milton Keynes, (ML) Motherwell, (N) North London, High Wycombe, (NE) Newcastle, (NG) Nottingham, (NN) Northampton, (NP) Newport, (NR) Norwich, Norfolk, (NW) North West London, (OL) Oldham, (OX) Oxford, (PA) Paisley, (PE) Peterborough, (PH) Perth, (PL) Plymouth, (PO) Portsmouth, (PR) Preston, (RG) Reading, (RH) Redhill, (RM) Romford, (S) Sheffield, (SA) Swansea, (SE) South East London, South London, (SG) Stevenage, (SK) Stockport, (SL) Slough, (SM) Sutton, (SN) Swindon, (SO) Southampton, (SP) Salisbury, (SR) Sunderland, (SS) Southend, (ST) Stoke on Trent, (SW) South West London, (SY) Shrewsbury, (TA) Taunton, (TD) Galashiels, (TF) Telford, (TN) Tunbridge Wells, (TQ) Torquay, (TR) Truro, (TS) Cleveland, (TW) Twickenham, (UB) Uxbridge, Middlesex, Heathrow, (W) Ealing, West London, (WA) Warrington, (WC) West Central London, (WD) Watford, (WF) Wakefield, (WN) Wigan, (WR) Worcester, (WS) Walsall, (WV) Wolverhampton, Wrexham, Yorkshire, (YO) York, (ZE) Lerwick, (JE) Jersey, (GY) Guernsey, (IM) Isle of Man, North Wales, South Wales, West Wales, and all other major cities of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland Northern Ireland and into Europe. We also offer limo rental in Counties such as Kent, Essex, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, East Anglia, Hampshire, Lancashire, Norfolk, Gwynedd, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire.

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  • We serve all areas of UK

    Hummer Limousine Hire. Find the best Hummer limos in your local area. Available in pink, white, black and many more colours and styles.

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