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Fire engine limo hire in the UK. Nationwide service.

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Fire Engine Hire

When a fire engine speeds past, everyone turns and looks. But have you ever wondered whether a fire engine would have the same effect if the sirens weren't wailing? Well it certainly seems to because there are now numerous fire engine limousines available to hire for your next function, and they're not just red, they come in pink too!

Lots of little boys, and girls, want to be firemen when they grow up, so why not treat your son or daughter to a fire engine limo ride for their next birthday. The birthday child is named Junior Chief Officer for the day and can choose six friends to be part of their crew.

The fire engine is driven by two uniformed 'firemen' and can be hired to pick the children up from their houses before chauffeuring them to the restaurant, bowling alley or theme park for the rest of their birthday celebrations. The kids will also be able to dress up in uniforms and hats and the engines are flexible if there is a particular theme you would like to add.

Or you could hire a fire engine limo for your next corporate function or exhibition show. Do you have a stand at an exhibition promoting a new spicy food, bottled water or style of bikini? Or do you want to make the ultimate statement when you arrive at your next corporate function as you will turn every head and have everyone peering into the fire engine limo as they will never have seen anything like this before.

If you are organising your friend's hen's night, hire you and the girls a fire engine limo, complete with two hunky chauffeur firemen to hoist her into a fireman's lift and transport her to the fire engine for a hen's night to remember. VIP entry can also be arranged to selected clubs, mention this when you book as the venues and destinations you wish to visit are often easily catered for. There is also champagne provided and orders for other drinks can be arranged before the night out.

So for a limo with a difference and a presence which you will only achieve when arriving and travelling in a fire engine limo, consider heating up your next big night out.

Our nationwide fire engine limousine hire service covers all cities of UK such as London, Liverpool, Cardiff, Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Norwich, Sheffield, Watford, Luton, Reading, Bristol, Bath, Avon, Chepstow, Caldicot, Southampton, Bournemouth, Leicester, Bath, Brighton, Marlow, Slough, Middlesex, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Hamilton, Newcastle, Lancaster, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Leeds, York, Preston, Halifax, Grimsby, Derby, Stoke on Trent, Northampton, Shropshire, Coventry, Wolverhampton, South Wales, North Wales, Swindon, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff Central, Chippenham, Newport, St Albans, Banstead, Cambridge, Norwich, Ipswich, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Essex, Hull, Staines, Kingston, Twickenham, Greater London, Maidstone, Luton, Southend, Plymouth, Oxford, Harrow, Bradford, Halifax, Dartford, Kent and many many more.

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  • We serve all areas of UK

    Fire engine limo hire in the UK. Nationwide service.

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