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Just one lazy or unreliable chauffeur can make a whole limo hire company look bad

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In customer service, regardless of the circumstances, the customer is always right. Anyone who has ever worked in customer service will know that one, this is not true, and two, whoever came up with this saying didn't think about the consequences.

For example, in the case of the limo hire company whose chauffeur did not show up for work one day and as a result left their passengers stranded, every possible effort is made to make up for the mistake and the limo hire company is still taken to court. Since the chauffeur did not show up to pick up a family for a special church service, the customers came to the limo hire company's offices during the service to ask where their limo transport was.

The limo hire company realised what had happened and sent a limousine to the church right away. The family was then driven around in the limousine for the equivalent amount of time they had hired for, were given a full refund of their hire price, a letter of apology and a gift voucher for two free hours of hire.

However, a week later, the customer is back demanding money for the inconvenience to their event because photos were not able to be taken of the arrival and the film maker hired was not able to get video of the limousine. Being refused more compensation from the limo hire company, the passenger takes the matter to court and is awarded a settlement many times the amount of the cost of their hire (which they were already refunded anyway), and they keep their gift voucher.

This is probably the reason why some limo hire companies only do corporate runs.

For more information on the procedures of your limo hire company and what would happen in the event of a limousine not arriving on time, contact Limo Broker now.

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    Just one lazy or unreliable chauffeur can make a whole limo hire company look bad

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