MY WISH Rolls Royce Phantom

MY WISH Rolls Royce Phantom
Colour Choice White
Any Event All events covered
Chauffeur Driven or Self Drive Chauffeur Driven Only
Colour of Interior Black
Area Coverage England & Wales
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Affordability ( 10 )
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Exterior ( 10 )
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Rate and review one of UK’s most popular Rolls Royce Phantom, also known as the ‘MY WISH Phantom’ which comes from the number plate: MY W15H.

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Hannah Sandler
MY WISH Rolls Royce Phantom 9.8

I booked this Phantom from Limo Broker for our wedding and it was lush!! It's so much bigger than it looks on the photos but that was a good thing as my dress was huge!

Got some excellent images for memories too.

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Fantastic car, perfect for a wedding!!

Posted on 10/02/2014 5:45 pm

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