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Special edition Aston Martin Red Arrows that could be yours for £20

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Special edition Aston Martin Red Arrows that could be yours for £20

Only 10 of the special edition Aston Martin Red Arrows models are set to be made- and you could get behind the steering wheel of one for a generous £20.

The brand new and customised £275,000 Vanquish S super cars will include Red Arrows which will have personalisation. This will make each of the 10 totally individual.

While as many as nine models have already been bagged, the 10gth and final is set to be raffled off in order to raise some money for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Reports have now been released of the model behind the scenes at the Aston Martin factory.

At the moment, the Vanquish S bodies are currently being painted and sprayed with the unique Éclat red paint, which has been named after the Red Arrows motto- with the white and blue trim detailing.

The Union Jack emblem on the carbon-fibre front-splitter has been revealed alongside the custom-made roof panel.

The model features the C4 explosive charge pattern which runs over the roof of the cockpit which is also used as a way of powering the ejector seat. To get the perfect fit, this part alone takes five hours with the paper-thin steel design.

The design in the headlining is mirrored with a HD leather-printed image which gives the illusion of peering out of the Red Arrows cockpit when you do look up.

The well known “Diamond Nine” flying formation of the Red Arrows and the backup 10th plane has been embossed throughout, with every individual aircraft picking the corresponding model a one-of-a-kind design.

The rotary buttons on the dashboard are made from Red Arrows Hawk parts whilst the RAF roundel and yellow and black warning label are crossed over.

Simon Butler, head of Aston Martin’s Q personalisation team, said: “It is the most demanding and feature-laden car we have ever done.

“There’s been a lot of trialing and asking ‘can we do it’.”

You may be lucky and win the special Red10 edition if you visit the RAF Benevolent Fund raffle page.

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Special edition Aston Martin Red Arrows set to be available soon

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