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Our Top 5 Budget Wedding Tips

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Our top 5 Budget Wedding Tips

Your wedding will undeniably be the best day of your life.The day that you officially become wedded to your soulmate and best friend, on a day where every detail perfectly reflects the taste of yourself and your significant other, and when you’re in a room surrounded by all of your friends. Regardless of your financial status and the budget you’ve set aside for your big day, your wedding day will be absolutely perfect. Here are our top 5 budget wedding tips that will ensure your special day sparkles that little bit more.

  • Think carefully about your guest list. The easiest way for planning a wedding on a budget is to keep your numbers to those who absolutely have to be there. When planning a guest list we can often get over excited and feel the need to invite everyone we’ve ever met. Start with the people you couldn’t get married without, and branch your way out. You can celebrate with acquaintances and friends at an engagement or a wedding party - that way you won’t be missing anyone out.
  • Embrace DIY. The best part about a wedding is that you have personally planned a day to specifically reflect the tastes and desires of yourself and your significant other, that’s why personal touches make the day truly stand out. DIY is the perfect way to add some gorgeous personal touches to your special day, and cut down on the budget too! From wedding favours to table decorations, place names and table plans, there are a number of super thrifty and oh so effective ways to incorporate DIY into your wedding and keep that budget down.
  • Ask for financial donations as a wedding gift. There are a number of ways you can do this, but this is a truly excellent way to ensure your wedding is budget friendly. Whether you ask for contributions towards the wedding itself before the big day, or ask for contributions instead of gifts, this is the perfect way to ensure that your costs are manageable and your friends and family will be more than happy to help too.
  • Be flexible with your date and be sure to book in advance. The more flexible that you can be with your date and the more in advance you plan, the cheaper the actual booking of the wedding venue will be, which could be massively saving you some money. After all, your day is going to be absolutely perfect no matter what time of year it is, or what the date is, so being open to change to save those pennies could be a huge help on a budget.
  • Call on your friends. Do you have any talented friends who could help you out with your big day? Whether you have a friend who is an excellent baker, someone with a band or a fabulous artist, your friends and family could pitch in and help which will save you great costs on the big day.

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Here are our top 5 budget wedding tips that will ensure your special day sparkles that little bit more.

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