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Unique 1950s Ferrari to be sold for £4 million

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Unique 1950s Ferrari to be sold for £4 million

A unique Ferrari 166MM/212 Export “Uvovo”- also known as “The Egg”- is set to sell at auction for £4 million next month. The auction will take place in Monterey, California and it’s the first time in 30 years that the car will be up for grabs.

Carrozzeria Fontara and Franco Reggiani are the visionaries behind the car. Both were hired by the famous Italian driver Giannino Marzotto in order to make the car a reality. The car was made in order to race in competitions, which clarifies why it is significantly lighter than majority of modern Ferraris.

Its larger fuel tank helped the motor stand out significantly from other Ferraris. This also helped it be able to drive for more than 300 miles between stops.

Before the owner purchased “The Egg” it was owned by a cars collector in Los Angeles. Before this, “The Egg” was located in Mexico for a short amount of time.

In the year 1951, the motor did an impressive 12 miles in the lead at Giro di Sicilia. Although it was then forced to retire due to a damaged differential.

Marcel Massini has named “The Egg” as “one of the most famous Ferraris ever built.

The motor was displayed in 1997 at Ferrari’s 50th anniversary. Although “The Egg” has only been spotted a few times since then.

Auctioneers RM Sotheby’s stated: “As it has never been shown at any concourse event, it would surely be welcome at the most exclusive concourse around the globe, where it would be a clear highlight and award contender for its unique design and incredible history.

“The Uovo is, without doubt, the living expression of one of the greatest personalities of the Italian early fifties racing world”.

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