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If you are looking for understated style and comfort, look no further than the new Bentley Arnage. The Arnage limousine welcomes you to its leather, chrome and hand-formed steel interior and shields you from any prying eyes from the outside world.

The long wheelbase has not simply been chopped and extended, the car has been recreated around the larger body. To its creators the car is known as the Deep D; the bodywork which stretches behind the rear side window is known as the D-Pillar, an A-Pillar runs on either side of the windscreen, the B-Pillar is where the front doors close and the C-Pillar is where the rear door hinge and the D-Pillar meets up again.

The rear seats are set far back into the rear of the car and encompass the passenger in a softly padded private leather world. To add to the secretiveness and encapsulation of the Bentley, the rear window is smaller that any other model and can even be blacked out all together to avoid prying eyes.

While in your own private world you can turn on the limousine's DVD player, adjust the climate control air conditioning and even draw your curtains across.

While the Arnage limousine has a longer wheelbase and a larger body, the manufacturers have used stainless steel for the air dam, sills and rear valance to make the car appear slimmer and less conspicuous. The front doors of the new model are two inches longer and the rear doors are eight inches longer but as these modifications have been done in proportion, the car is larger but still appears sleek and elegant.

With all of these inspired extras, the new Arnage limousines take up to 8,000 hours to build. There are also only plans to build 20 of the cars to add to their passenger's feeling of exclusivity. Orders for the limousines have been taken from Russia, China and India and while the base price is 230,000, there are a number of inspired luxury features to choose from which can easily push the price close to 700,000.

There will always be limousines built to the highest standards of luxury and style as long as the rich and famous are willing to buy them. There are however luxurious and stylish cars that are available to more than an elite few, even though being chauffeur driven in your hired limousine you will still make you feel like a star. Contact Limo Broker now for you a quote and information on your ticket to luxury.

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