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Weddings :: Traditional vs. individual - which wedding is right for you?

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Traditional vs. individual - which wedding is right for you?

A few generations ago, and English wedding always followed much the same format: a church ceremony followed by a wedding breakfast in a local hotel or or village hall. Now, with many couples coming from different cultural and religious backgrounds and ideas about what constitutes a 'traditional' wedding changing rapidly over the years, there are many more options available to brides and grooms getting married today. But how to choose the one that's right for you?

While many people growing up in the UK assume that they will get married in a church, this is a big expense and not really necessary if you and you partner are not religious. If you have no ties to the church, why not consider an alternative venue for your special day? There are plenty of places to choose from, from luxurious hotels to budget village halls and more. There is also a growing trend for unique wedding venues - why not tie the knot in a magical forest glade, or host your own festival-style wedding deep in the countryside?

If you do have your heart set on a traditional wedding, you'll need to put plenty of thought and organisation into planning your big day. To make sure everyone arrives at the church on time, and that travel from the venue to the wedding breakfast and evening reception runs as smoothly as possible, why not engage the services of a car hire expert like to help with transport? We can provide everything from classic cars and limousines for the bridal party to luxurious buses and coaches for all your guests - all at surprisingly affordable rates.

Whether you want to enjoy a traditional wedding ceremony or something a little different, with a little thought and planning your wedding day is sure to be one you'll never forget.

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