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How to enjoy your dream wedding on a budget

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How to enjoy your dream wedding on a budget

Everyone spends time daydreaming about their perfect wedding, often before they've even met the person they're going to marry. Brides-to-be imagine the perfect wedding dress and a magical venue, while grooms think about the ideal stag do with all of their mates. But with today's average wedding costing over £18,000, it's clear that many couples will have to rethink their wedding plans - or risk starting their married life heavily in debt.

But don't panic - there are plenty of simple steps you can take that will allow you to enjoy a magical, unforgettable wedding without breaking the bank. First, think about where you can cut corners. For example, why not provide a buffet meal instead of a full sit down meal for your guests? You will save money, and everyone will still get fed and have a good time. Or why not save money on your evening entertainment by inviting friends to play music or DJ at your party? As well as being a great option for those on a budget, this approach also adds a personal touch to your celebration.

You can also save money on the big things too - why not shop on ebay or in your local classifieds for a second hand wedding dress, or look at village and church halls as opposed to specialised wedding venues for your reception. To save money on transport costs, why not arrange a package from a wedding car hire package from somewhere like These specialists can offer you great deals on cars for the bride and groom as well as coaches and buses to transport your guests. With a wide selection of classic and contemporary vehicles available to hire at surprisingly affordable rates, they can help you enjoy your dream wedding for less.

So no matter how small your budget, with a little creative thinking and some expert help everyone can enjoy the wedding of their dreams.

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Want to enjoy your dream wedding but not exactly rolling in cash? Check out our top tips for enjoying a wedding on a budget.

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