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Limo hire is not just confined to hen parties and school proms, there are many other times when a limos is are most comfortable, cost effective and appropriate mode of transport. Wedding limo hire is highly popular in the UK. Whether it's a pink limo for the bridesmaids, a white limo for the bride or even a silver, black limo to suit a wedding theme.

Wedding Limo HireWith international business surging forward, there are always a myriad of people you have to impress and take care of. So the next time you need to meet an important client at the airport or take him to his hotel, send a limo for him and he'll be forever grateful. Many people consider limos to be stretched but limos come in many different models and styles. Most business clients prefer to travel in limos manufactured by Mercedes Benz. These models are normally S320, S430, S500 & S600. This is also known as S-Class Mercedes. There are lot's of other chauffeur driven cars but the Mercedes, Bentley and Rolls Royce are the executive versions.

Having a limo for a client will be a breath of fresh air after getting off a cramped, noisy plane and bustling through a crowed busy airport.

Stretch LimosEven if he isn't your top client, he will feel like royalty being picked up in a chauffeur driven limo. By organising a limo for a client also means they don't have to struggle with a foreign currency and direct taxi drivers through an unfamiliar city, as the limo is on you and taken care of.

Rolls Royce PhantomThere is also no waiting around at the airport so your client receives top quality service from you from the beginning. He may even like a drink to relax him after travelling. Most of our limos come with a fitted champagne bar.

Alternatively, when the inevitable happens and a family member passes away, it is a stressful time for everyone involved. Hiring limos to transport you and your family can help ease some of the stress of the event.

Travelling in a limo from your house, to the church, to the cemetery and back to the house means you don't have to worry about being stressed by traffic or concentrate on keeping your group in convoy during the trip.

A funeral is a time you will want to be close to your family and in a limo you have an environment where you can be near your loved ones. You also have privacy as you can be screened from the driver if you wish and the limos also have tinted windows for privacy from the outside.

We can also provide you with black or grey limos for the occasion. Our limos are also available in various sizes to accommodate all of your family. Please contact us for more details.


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