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What Makes a Great Wedding Car?

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What Makes a Great Wedding Car?

Choosing your wedding transportation is a really important element of your wedding planning. Choosing the car which will transport you on your last journey as a single man or woman, and consequently on your first journey as man and wife is no small feat at all. It’s incredibly important to choose a vehicle which you not only adore, but one which will photograph well, represent you as a couple and provide everything you need on your special day.
But what is it that makes a great wedding car? We’re here to answer exactly that question, in an attempt to make choosing your wedding transportation a breeze and eliminate the stress of your wedding planning procedure.
First thing’s first, it’s important to remember that your wedding vehicle will feature in many of your photographs of the big day. As your transportation to your wedding venue and consequently to the reception venue, the car will feature heavily in your wedding album we’re sure. This means you need to choose a car which matches the theme of your special day, is a car that you truly adore and one which you think looks beautiful. Perhaps an impulse chosen sports car might seem exciting, but in twenty years time will you look back and wish you’d opted for a classic Rolls Royce? Whatever your personal taste, there are a variety of wedding cars readily available to you at a completely reasonable rate, so it’s worth taking your time and choosing transport which is perfect for you.
Secondly, you’ll want a vehicle which is comfortable and spacious. Depending on the style of the wedding dress, the bride might need a little room to maneuver in the back seat, and we want her to be comfortable at all times on her wedding day. Depending on which type of shots you’re asking your photographer to choose, there’s a chance he might pop in the vehicle too for some happily married snaps - so you want plenty of room in there for comfort and to secure the perfect shot for that photo album.
Choosing something within your budget is imperative. Of course, your wedding transportation is so important for the big day and will be an incredible part of your memories, but it’s just one element of many little things which will make your day perfect. Don’t blow all your budget on the fanciest car and compromise another detail of your big day, there are a range of stunning vehicles available at a price which suits you.
Lastly, remember the element of privacy. If you’re not having a photographer in the car with you, your drive from the wedding venue to the reception might be one of the only times you get alone as a couple on your special day, and it’s so important to sit back and take everything in.
Don’t be afraid to choose a vehicle with a little privacy so you can spend some time enjoying the best day of your lives together.
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For more information on wedding car hire, contact us today!

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